Speedline Wheels

Speedline Wheels

Speedline Wheels

Speedline Wheels from Speedline Corse. These wheels represent the leading lightweight, high strength designs available. Reducing unsprung weight will improve ride and handling and acceleration.
Speedline Group was born in 1975, when the Venetian family Zacchello decided to acquire E.S.A.P., a small handicraft firm with 25 workers and covering 2000 m2. This firm manufactured competition wheels, above all for Formula 1. Speedline starts its quick and incredible growing thanks to very important customers like Ferrari, Abarth on Rally and Fiat group for Original Equipment Market. Now, Speedline S.r.L. manufactures about 4.000.000 wheels per year and has about 1400 employees

Speedline Corse, the division of Speedline completely dedicated to the Aftermarket Alloy Wheel Market, Motorsport and High-Tech Original Equipment, quality and performance blend together with no compromise: proven by ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certifications and the 61 world titles and countless national titles obtained in nearly 35 years in all motor racing categories. Only those who have such a huge past are able to create a legend.

Speedline Corse manufactures cast magnesium products incomparable for lightness and resistance thanks to the new H.T.C. (High Temperature Casting) magnesium casting system and the advanced Finite Element Analysis (F.E.A.) development. Besides being the biggest cast magnesium wheels manufacturer in the world, Speedline Corse is also the only company in the world who provides their homologation for street use.

Speedline Corse magnesium wheels are not only driving (and winning) on the races circuits an special stages of the world but also on road as original equipment (customers: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Chevrolet Corvette) and After Market.

Speedline Corse also designs innovative aluminium products exploiting the exclusive flow-forming technology developed by the Group for mass production. An incomparable rim profile and an excellent resistance can be obtained through this innovative production system with a special process of material spreading.

Commitment  to maximum safety of each product is second to none. Speedline testing laboratory is one of the biggest in the world and offers world-wide self certification.

Speedline Corse has arisen from technology, quality, and results of competition, capitalising on an area of experience that has no equal.

The leader of races becomes the leader in customer satisfaction. Those who buy a Speedline Corse product are aware that are buying a piece of racing history, a product at the peak of technology and quality and moreover are able to appreciate the emotions that only great victories can give.

Speedline was the first European light alloy wheels manufacturer to obtain the certification "ISO 9001", "ISO 9002" and strict "QS 9000" and is in the process of achieving ISO 14000 certification for the respect and protection of environment.

Speedline OE customers

· Aston Martin
· DaimlerChrysler (Mercedes, MCC)
· Ferrari· Fiat group (Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia)
· General Motors (Chevrolet, Cadillac)
· Honda· Jaguar
· Lamborghini
· Volkswagen group
· Maserati
· Mitsubishi
· MG-Rover
· Pininfarina
· Porsche
· PSA group (Peugeot, Citröen)
· Renault· Rolls-Royce
· Suzuki


FIA GT and American Le Mans series, Rally - WRC, Rally Cross, Rally - super 1600, Rally -GRP N & A, FIA F1

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