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Whiteline KDT917 - Rear Subframe Mounts - DO fit the 335D

Recently cleared up some confusion surrounding the popular Whiteline KDT917 rear subframe bushing kit. Some rumours were that it would not fit the 335D. Although the...


FIAT TIPO ABARTH - coming soon to the FIAT dealership near you .......

Renault Clio Corner Weighting

Recently had a Renault Clio Sport in for Corner Weighting. The Cross weight was miles out, RF/RL was 56% - ideal for a clockwise oval circuit, but no good for ...

BMW E46 M3 - AP Big Brake kit & Bilstein B6 Dampers

There can't be too many E46 M3s out there now without an AP Big Brake kit, such was the popularity of this brake kit on this model.  There are two kits for this model - both using a 6 pot caliper. If you want to use OEM BMW Wheels then the co...

Toyota Celica GT4 ST205 ABS Ring replacement

Replacing ABS Reluctor rings on one of the World Rally Championships most cunning examples of cheating......

BMEP - why it is the best way compare engines

So what is BMEP an abbreviation for? How can it be used to help with engines?......

Hydropneumatic Suspension - why didn't it become mass market?

If you've ever spoken to me and complained about the ride quality of your car, told me stories of how your passengers were sick after a long drive.....

For all those who say FWD is Wrong Wheel Drive

For all those who say FWD is wrong wheel drive....not in my book. Well at least up to about 350 HP (remember when they said 200, 250, 300...) In this video you'll see Nick Swift showing fine artistry and EN40B Kahunas!! ...


FIAT 124 SPIDER SUSPENSION UPGRADE Using Eibach Pro-Kit springs and Whiteline front and rear Anti-roll bars. Recently Balance Motorsport completed an instal...

Citroen/ Peugeot/ BMW 1.6 THP Engine - "The Prince of Engines"

just what car would you need to put one of the worlds best engines into, to emasculate its character?...

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