The Quattro UR - where Audi Tuning began..

One of the all-time greats the original Audi Quattro was the first car to use four-wheel drive to stunning success in world rallying. The Quattro four-wheel-drive system enabled the car to comprehensively beat the opposition until they also began to employ four-wheel-drive. The original Quattro used Audi's 2.2L in line 5 cylinder engine. This powerplant is effectively a Golf GTi 8v engine with an extra cylinder. Tuned to produce 200 hp and 210 lb ft torque.

The characteristic five cylinder warble and excellent power delivery make this car a delight to drive. The Quattro evolved throughout its life and in its final form had a four valve derivative of the engine and a TORSEN (torque sensing) differential. Originally the plan was to only make 400 Quattro's in order to comply with group B rally regulations. In the end over 11,500 were produced! The Quattro name however lives on. Initially confusing for people because originally there really was only one "Quattro", the Quattro moniker has gone on to become Audi's most valuable asset although the S and RS brand is more significant for the performance enthusiasts.

Balance Motorsport cater for nearly every aspect of Audi Tuning from an uprated rear anti-roll bar on a 1990 S2 Coupe, right up to Supersprint exhausts on the latest RS6. We are specialists in Audi suspension and have recently taken on a couple of  classic Audi suspension projects - one an 80 and one a 90. Increasingly on the older cars you cannot find what you want on the shelf, we are fortunate to have good contacts to produce custom work as required.

An easy way to search is to use the search bar e.g try Audi S4 or Audi RS6 this will bring up products specifically for these models. Or simply use the filters below and left. If you want to get in touch please call 01903 879111 we are based in West Sussex nr Brighton & Worthing.


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