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Welcome to the Honda Tuning page of Balance Motorsport. Honda are one of the most innovative car producers. A company that pushes the boundaries of technology is always going to appeal to Tuning enthusiasts.

The  S800 in 1966 made nearly 90HP per litre @ 8000 rpm from its tiny 800cc engine. The CRX hatchback in 1988 which had many innovative features including advanced PGM-FI Management, 130HP from a 1.6 litre engine and equal length driveshafts to minimise wheelspin and torquesteer. Then came the revelation - VTEC. From the early B16 reaching 170hp from just 1.6 litres through to the K20 Civic Type-R and the F20 in the S2000, Honda has made some of the world's best engines.

To drive a VTEC car is to experience all the excitement of a full race engine with none of the downsides. It starts first time. It will cover over 100000 miles. It doesn't burn oil and more importantly ticks over and pulls from low revs. Granted it's possible to make any engine snarl like a VTEC but only with a very large budget and serious downsides.

Even though emissions are now crushing the VTEC in the new Type R I still think it will be a Honda take on a turbo - it will rev and rev and then some. I can't see Honda wanting to stick Hydraulic lifters, that limit most engines to 7500, into any of their sports engines any time soon. For that alone, even if there is a turbo, there is reason to celebrate even a Turbocharged Type R.

The Honda S2000

The Honda S2000 is underrated by the media. Its engine is without doubt the most exciting feature. This is the only car I have driven where the rev counter becomes a target not a limit. The noise is simply sensational and although the torque is modest acceleration is very rapid. The extended rev range means this car can equal machines that on paper should be much quicker. An S2000 regularly fielded in Sprints in the South East is very nearly as quick and often quicker than most of the cars in the OVER 2 litre class. For example 911's, M3 Coupes and TVR's

You will find a wide range of parts on our site for most Honda models - however if you have a Civic  I would recommend that in order to search sometimes it is useful to add a chassis code in to limit results. eg "Civic EG Coilovers"

We look forward to helping you with your Honda tuning requirements from Road to Race.

So call us and tell us what you are looking for us to help you with, please note though - we don't offer free advice for work you are conducting yourself - unfortunately 90% of our Honda Tuning calls are from Honda owners looking to swap Honda engines asking us for free advice.

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