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Are you looking for something different from the usual specialist approach? We love your Porsche, but we don't seek to charge you more money than the Honda or Lancia customer. Everyone pays the same rate. Everyone gets the same service. So when you want a Porsche Specialist that thinks your Boxster is as worthy as a 911, give us a call. Read on for our recent and very sucessful custom Ohlins Suspension system install on a 964.

The Porsche 911 - Pretty much the iconic sportscar. No other car has had its fundamental design rooted in such an old model for so long. The reality is that a rear engined layout behind the rear axle can provide a better balanced driving experience than a front engined rear wheel drive car. Porsche knew this a long time ago (well they’d like you to think they did) but it didn’t stop the 911 being a very difficult beast indeed to tame, in its earlier iterations.

The traction however has always been beyond doubt, get it right and it will simply catapault you to the next corner without breaking a sweat. Be over zealous on the entry, it may aim for the nearest hedge with equal verve (assuming on later models you have all the aids switched off).On earlier torsion models it's best just not to be over zealous on entry, or too late on the brakes.

The 911’s key appeal is in its engineering simplicity, light weight and high power output. Its chassis shouldn’t really work as well as it does – I mean it used to have pure trailing arms and even now still uses MacPherson struts on the front – but it does. The 911 is a product born of evolution and it shows. As Porsche have demonstrated countless times in endurance racing, slow, steady development of an idea will bring dividends.

Where to start? The Porsche 911 is massively popular on track and has probably won more races than any other single model. It’s never going to be a cheap car to race or rebuild but with so much performance out the box, a few simple modifications actually make it a good value proposition. There are plenty of specialists around but we think you will find our prices reasonable and our service excellent.

We can supply and fit cages, suspension, fuel injection systems and set up suspension. If you are a member of a Porsche owners club please let us know as we may be able to offer special discounts depending on your requirement, or simply give us a call and arrange a tuning consultation at our premises in Small Dole, West Sussex. There is a fantastic cafe on site and a Full English is a good way to discuss tuning for Germanys finest.


Or perhaps you already know what you want for your 911? With more than 2000 options available the 911 is a car we can supply everything for, from a roll cage, to 4 way suspension.


Recent Customer Project - Balance Motor Sport custom Ohlins 911 Suspension System

it was November 2019 when I started speaking to the owner of this rather gorgeous 911 964 2.6 C2

Porsche 911 964 with Ohlins Suspension Fitted

This photo shows the car after it was fitted with Ohlins Road and Track Suspension. The customers requirements were fairly specific. Having looked at the stock Ohlins spring rates, and talked to him at length, I decided a bespoke kit with custom spring rates was in order.

It took some time to arrive as we planned to use the standard top mounts, and most people wanted roller mounts. These would be noisier than the OE Porsche mount, and as this was a road car, manners were very important.

The kit really is rather splendid to look at. No generic coilover kit parts here. The quality of machining is excellent.

Ohlins 911 964 kit


Detail below shows the beefy aluminium bracket. There are some cheaper coilovers that utilise Aluminium brackets that simply don't look up to the job. This Ohlins kit is beautifully engineered, just like the Porsche.

Porsche Ohlins Kit up close


The kit was installed, corner weights set to 50% Without a driver, as this car would often carry passengers, and isn't a track car.

It's amazing how close the corners are on one of these cars. Very different to your average modern car.

The customer was very pleased, not just with the way the car is now sharp, grippy and much more modern in feel, but also that the ride quality is actually better, due to the advanced DFV technology in the Ohlins units.

Get in touch today for a suspension solution for your Porsche 911, from the wonderful ride of Koni Special Active which is reasonably priced, the ever green Bilstein suspension range offers great value and high end options with B16 and Damptronic. We can also offer  have custom racing suspension from Penske, and Semi-Active Suspension from Tractive.








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