Subaru Tuning in West Sussex

The Subaru Impreza has made a massive impact on the performance tuning market since its launch mainly due to its amazing package of performance and price.

Since its introduction it has thrilled owners with its addictive blend of turbo thrust, 4wd traction and grippy chassis. The fact that it outperformed cars costing significantly more only made its appeal wider. After a few strange years where we thought the Impreza was lost, its came back. Strangely it was not the Impreza anymore. Well sorry but I think it's a great name so we will continue to list it as the Impreza. It means Impress afterall.

As we know now in the UK we no longer get the Impreza (WRX or STI) - they've canned it focussing on SUVs.

Motorsport & Trackday Use

There are great deal of Tuning options for the Impreza. Of all the brands we sell Whiteline Suspension probably has more parts for the Impreza than any other car, such is the success of the car down under.

There are also stacks of Subaru Specialists in the UK. We've been speccing out more and more Imprezas of late as we've noticed from customer feedback some prefer our open and honest approach. We are happy to take on Suspension swaps, brake upgrades, turbo upgrades, aftermarket ecu installs etc. As you are probably aware new Bilstein units aren't readily available on the aftermarket but we can get your units serviced - take about 1-2 weeks and costs  from £120+ per unit depending on the parts required.


Personally my suspension of choice for the Impreza at present would be TEIN or BC Racing or for racing or rally use we can offer something bespoke. 

We hope we can help with your Subaru.

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