VW Tuning parts online and installed for Golf, Polo, Jetta and every other VW model.

Balance Motorsport owner Julian has owned a number of Volkswagens through the years. A Mk1 1.6 Golf GTI(EV engine - sweetest 8v they made), a Mk1 1.8 Golf GTI, a Mk2 Scirocco 1.6 GTI as well as GTX and also a Mk2 16v Golf. We've had experience building a tuned Golf Mk2 for Sprints and Trackdays which had a LOT of money thrown at it and was very quick. We fitted a roll cage, coilovers, uprated roll bars and Emerald M3DK engine management. The engine was built by TSR Performance and featured H-Beam rods, solid lifters and 276 Kent Cams. It had a lower final drive and was a hoot to drive. We actually conducted the initial tuning of the engine on the road using lambda and also Exhaust Gas Temperature. Rolling road tuning only brought a few more horsepower so it shows road mapping is possible (and enjoyable!).

On later models we've mainly been focussed on Suspension Tuning through coilovers and anti-roll bars. If you've ever owned a Mk4 you'll know that an uprated rear anti-roll bar is an essential purchase to stop them understeering off the road. On a Mk5/6/7 we find most demand in custom exhausts, larger intercoolers, KW, Bilstein and Ohlins coilovers seems to be where this market is now.

What you can be sure of is that we share your passion for the VW Marque and will do everything we can to ensure you get the best possible service for both mail order and installation / servicing of your VW.


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