Catcams specialise in High Performance Camshafts and have a vast range of profiles which when you get to race cams will be High-Lift / Rapid Acceleration / Long Duration. Please look up your Catcam on their website below and then just drop the part number into the Balance Motorsport search box - and heh presto you can order online!

There are complicated datasheets and product specs on the Catcams site so we find this method is best to ensure you don't order a full race cam to go with standard hydraulic followers and springs. Any questions please email or phone to discuss. Choosing a cam is complicated - a lot of people for instance don't appreciate just how much higher static compression must be with a cam that has a lot of lift at TDC (overlap). The most important criteria in this instance is the inlet valve closing time.

Catcams Camshafts are probably the leading European camshaft manufacturer with a superb range of cams. Catcams have the most advanced profiles and engineering facilities available and a vast range of applications. To find your application first visit and then for pricing, click the relevant products below, with reference to the manufacturer part number.

MAKE SURE YOU CONSIDER - Compression Ratio, Dynamic Compression Ratio, Induction & Exhaust and Emissions.



Trade discount available for UK Engine Builders - please email for more detail

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  1. Cat Cams - Camshaft(s) - Part No 1002121
    £426.60 £355.50

    Suit OEM replacement Audi Quattro 2144cc 10v

    • 10021xx: the most recent type has a 17 teeth distributor drive gear, which is also press fitted at the end of the camshafts, but directly against the thrustwasher (also last bearing).

    (if you require 13 tooth drive please specify)

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