Blackline Diffs

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Blackline ATB Diffs

Torque Sensing  or Automatic Torque Biasing Differentials.

The advantages over a plate or viscous differential are:


  • Equal rotational speed to both wheels
  • Torque distributed according to traction
  • Minimal service requirements - no clutches
  • Quick reaction compared to viscous LSDs
  • Gentle and progressive engagement, low noise
  • Easily controlled power take-off and drifting
  • Gears and body manufactured from 8620 alloy steel
  • Direct replacement into stock differential

Quaife or Blackline? or another make/ type?

You'll notice that Balance Motorsport do not sell Quaife differentials. We feel for price vs performance there are better alternatives. The Quaife differential is also Torque Biasing design which is a good all round set up. Unfortunately it does have a downside and that is that if one wheel in unloaded completely all power will go to that wheel, like an open diff. We can also supply Gripper plate Diffs & Wavetrac Differentials which solve this problem!

So why Blackline over Quaife?

- Material Quality - Drop Forged from 8620 Alloy Steel (this produces a better product at lower cost than a machined billet)

- Engineering Tolerance - Blackline machining is carried out on 7-Axis CNC equipment and tolerances are to OEM standards

- Price - a more competitive market price without any downsides mean we are happy to offer this product which is growing in range.


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