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If you've read up about differentials you'll realise that the ATB style diffs are very popular due to their fit and forget nature. For serious traction though, you can't beat a properly set plate type LSD.

GRIPPER DIFFERENTIALS is a UK based company with a wealth of experience in manufacturing Limited Slip Differentials. They have been manufacturing LSD units for over 16 years. Their in-house design facilities and CNC machining ability enable them to produce differentials to suit your requirements. Differentials can be supplied with a range of ramp angles and preload settings - covering all forms of Motorsport as well as Road and Track Day use. Clearly the kind off settings for Drag Racing vary greatly from a car that also needs to go through a multistorey car park. 

Set correctly for your needs this type of differential can be Quiet, Smooth and offer Progressive control in a way an ATB type cannot. 

With certain settings the “differential action” is hardly noticeable, the improved handling being all that is felt. Alternative settings, say for “Rallying”, will give continuous drive even when a wheel is lifted or indeed a broken drive shaft, instilling complete confidence in whichever type of vehicle you are driving.

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