Customer Feedback

Our strength is in our advice, which is based on real experience and we only offer products and services we know people will be happy with.

Here's a few examples of feedback we've received..

"I  purchased my Dino replica and the handling and ride was extremely harsh. As a specialist vehicle I wanted to find someone with the knowledge and expericence to start from first principles to re-design and install a suspension to suit my needs, road use the the occasional track day. Julian at Balance took the time and trouble to calculate motion ratios and specify new shock absorbers and springs and the vehicle has been transformed. Thank you very much." Andy, Handcross, Sussex, Dino Replica


"Dampers arrived Thursday afternoon, fitted on Friday and won the rally today (Saturday) Thanks for your great advice and service..." Allan, N.Ireland


it has been a fantastic season for Brent racing and i would like to thank Julian at Balance Motorsport for all of his time, effort and enthusiasm in helping making this season special. He has never failed to to come up with a plan or let me down on supply or delivery. I am happy to recommend Balance Motorsport to anyone from seasoned racers to track day enthusiasts to any driver wanting more from their car.”

Richard Brent – 2008 Dunlop Motorsport News Saloon Car Champion, Peugeot 205


"BRILLIANT!!! The new suspension and caster kit has transformed the car. The knocking noise and vague steering have disappeared, so I reckon the old struts were faulty. I love the finger tip control I have on the steering now. That was exactly what I was looking for. The first good corner I tried it out on was the sharp sweeping bend on the A281 just before joining the A23. It stayed wonderfully flat and effortless. I think this car has got more grip than the old Impreza now, and that was fantastic in my opinion.
I would say the car's handling has gone from me being 20% satisfied to 99% satisfied..Thanks again for all your efforts!"

We weren't happy with 99% so we nailed the final 1% with some more changes to the rear suspension

"I'm pleased to say that changing the rear bushes has massively improved the handling again, as well as getting rid of the knocking noise. Because there's no slop in any suspension components, any slight steering input makes the car instantly change direction. This is exactly what I was hoping for!" "

Nick, Reading - Subaru Impreza


" ...turn-in grip is massive. I've also put the standard front ARB back on on your recommendation and it turns-in uber sharp!. Can catch you out if you're not careful actually because the car hugs the apex too keenly if you're clumsy with the steering input, so I'm having to relearn how to drive it! Before I could hear the tread blocks twisting and scrubbing, but now it just flies round bends and as you said, initial steering is much lighter! Self centering weight from the extra caster and quaife is also awesome and it's rock solid stable in a straight line. Probably the best £160 I've spent on the car! "Kevin, Essex, VW Corrado


"..thanks for all your hard work. Gave the car a pasting on the way home and the bars have made a real difference. I see what you mean about the rear shocks having seen better days, as it does wallow a bit at the rear after literally diving into a corner! If i'm a whiteline test pilot, you must be their R&D department :) Regards, Another satisfied customer with 2 Balance Motorsport tweeked motors" Richard, Sussex, BMW E36


"They fit perfectly, pretty straightforward job, no problems at all. The ride is much firmer but not uncomfortable, no clonks or harshness you sometimes get with coilover kits, and the handling is completely transformed. I took it out for a spin last night to try it out and ended up going about five times as far as I’d planned to, cos I was enjoying it so much – and this is in a lardy diesel saloon! I’m well happy with them and they were great value too. Thanks again for all your help and for the quick delivery, much appreciated." Geraint, Bristol, Honda Accord


"..the car feels so much better, fantastic! feels really sturdy when cruising along the motorway, and tight in corners. And the Bilstein kit is perfect, not rock solid, but planted.Thank you so much for all your hard work, i will recommend people to you and will definitely keep your name in mind for any future developments to my cars! Keep up the good work " Cris, Sussex, VW Golf IV


"Hi Julian have recieved all my parts now so just have to fit them now.just wanted to say many thanks for your help and advice much appreciated.almost a pleasure giving you my money! only almost though!" Mark, Surrey


"..just a quick note to say thanks for all the advice you gave me with regard to choosing the Bilstein B8 dampers. The drop is very subtle, but exactly what I wanted. I'm glad I did plenty of research now and found out that making a car handle is not about how close to the tarmac it is. The ride is excellent, hardly noticeable difference on all but the worst road surfaces. Handling is very good, a great improvement and exactly what I was hoping for. I could not have wished for a better result than what has been achieved. It is exactly as you described it would be and I appreciate that." Marc, Sussex, VW Polo


"Hi Julian Tony with the Evo 6 in Scotland here. just to say thanks a lot mate the Tein Monoflex are spot on got my first win of the season. and still nice for the road well happy . check out my run on youtube under 666rsx. thanks again for all your help, cheers" Tony, Aberdeenshire, Mitsubishi EVO 6


"Hope you're well. I did my first trackday with the S2000 on the brakes you installed yesterday and WOW!. It was up at Donington which admittedly isn't the hardest on brakes but at the end of the Dunlop Straight it kept hauling me down from 115mph for the 30-40mph chicane time after time with no fade whatsoever. It turns out I do brake quite late after all but the brakes really stood up well. I did 10-20 minute stints at a time and would let the car/brakes cool before going out again. On the way home they didn't seem to have the same bite when cold as before but I think that's just because I was used to braking on the track." Duncan, London, Honda S2000


"Hi Julian, Having had my B12 suspension kit for a few days, you were right, it is is a different car, wish I had done it sooner! The ride and handling are so much better than before and everything from braking to cornering has been affected positively.The service you provided from the outset to having the suspension fitted was excellent and the personal touch made all the difference." Richard, Sussex, Vauxhall Vectra 3.2


"Julian, apologies for the very late reply. Fitting the parts onto a 2002 saab with 85000 on the clock was always going to end up with the one bolt that wouldn't move but got the parts on and I have to say the result was astounding! Saab 93 convertibles wallow and shake on anything but billiard smooth surfaces but the Bilsteins and Eibach springs have all but eradicated it. I even got told off by my wife 'cos I was looking for bumps and potholes to test it out! Basically she now has a sports car and we love driving it, many thanks for your help and advice in choosing the set up" John, Ayrshire, Saab 93 Convertible


"Again a great service and advice from Julian. The car feels a lot more planted on track but quiet and comforatable on the road. Bushes and drop links took out the slack that was present in the chassis but without overly stiffening the car. Simple and effective solution + rapid delivery = Very happy customer! - thanks" Alastair, Bedfordshire, Nissan 350Z


"I bought one of the Bilstein B12 kits from you and fitted it to my 1995 740i.  I would just like to say that it made an astonishing difference and improvement to the handling and ride and comfort of the car" Adrian, South Glamorgan, BMW 740i


"Hi Julian, Sorry for taking a while to get back. The b12 kit is great, the car feels planted, the ride is plush and grip has improved. Should have come out the factory like this!"  Mr Z, Newcastle, BMW 3 Series



"Thanks [for the B12 kit] Julian, All bolted on now and a different car!"   Mr P, South Wales , BMW Compact



"Absolutely [B12 kit] brilliant transformed the car thanks so much for your help!"   Mr W, Glasgow , BMW


"The KW coilovers are perfect, handling has improved loads, I love how much the springs are progressive around the corners. Yes the ride is noticeably firmer but not unbearable, of course I expected that. I also have the ride height at the highest setting, which is low enough and the perfect ride height for me. Thank you for your excellent customer service."   Phillip, London, Mazda MPS

"Dear Julian, Thank you for sending over a copy of my receipt. I have indeed got the coilovers installed and am pleased to say the ride quality is absolutely fantastic. The V3s having the separately adjustable bump and rebound, I opted for KW's recommended settings for the car which are broadly in the middle, as a starting point. The car is now both more comfortable over small bumps and imperfections in the road, whilst simultaneously feeling much more taught and direct when pushing on a bit. I would highly recommend them to anyone else with a Brera / 159. Kind regards,"   Richard, Hertfordshire, Alfa Romeo 159