Modified Cylinder Heads

The cylinder head is where power is made. A properly modified head will create horsepower by increasing volumetric efficiency and flow. Cylinder head design is in essence about getting more fuel and air into the cylinder, at high velocity, and burning it efficiently. Each engine is different in terms of the quality of the original head and what is available in terms of modification.

We are pleased to be able to now offer you CNC Heads from one of the UK's premier modified cylinder head suppliers. As a supplier of camshafts and valve gear as well we know how crucial it is to ensure that the head and cam work together. As well as modified heads on request we can also supply standard versions which may be necessary for class compliance or if you just want a replacement for your road car.

Heads are provided on an exchange basis and there is a surcharge if the exchange head is not supplied prior to the new one.

The best way to get engine power - contact us today by phone or email to discuss your engine build and don't forget we can supply the whole solution - head, cams and induction.

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    £1,680.00 £1,400.00
    Base price is for Porting your existing Cylinder Head(s), extras available : Guides, Valves, Taping (hand finished ports), Machining for Cam Clearance, Spring base machining for correct fitted height Learn More
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