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Engine / Brake / Airbag Diagnostics nr Brighton & Worthing

 West Sussex Based BN5 9XH or Mobile covering Sussex & Surrey

Engine Diagnostics nr Brighton & Worthing - picture underbonnet

Have you got an Engine Check light on? Or perhaps the ABS or Airbag light? Do you live near Brighton or Worthing ? Then please call 01903 879111 - Diagnostic read just £25 inc vat inc 30 mins labour to fix.

Balance Motorsport use sophisticated Diagnostic tools to deliver rapid problem solving to Sussex & Surrey based car owners. The skill of diagnostic interpretation is very much in the hands of the user and having been tuning cars since 1989 I am well placed to help you. So if your engine check light is on or perhaps you have another light lit (we can also connect to ABS, Airbag, Aircon & Body computers. I am sure you will find our service fast and efficient.

One of the biggest changes to automobiles occurred in 1996  (mandatory for cars sold in the USA known as OBD2) where manufacturers adopted a standardised approach to diagnostic interrogation and reporting. Known as OBD2 the European Union mandated EOBD in 2001 and that is to all intents and purposes the same as OBD2.

The real benefit of modern diagnostics is the reading of stored error codes, but more important still, is the ability to read live data.

For example, you may see an error code for Lambda such as PO150 O2 sensor circuit malfunction. You could just replace this sensor. However, it makes sense to check live data to see how the sensor is behaving in real time.

Recently I gave a customer’s car a clean bill of health and just reset a temporary code, followed by live data analysis to confirm operation.

This saved them a £150 bill to replace the sensor.



Testing benefits of Diagnostics

Electrical system diagnostics can be very time consuming. Bypassing relays to test operation isn’t the easiest task with some relays being inaccessible. Advanced modern diagnostics systems that Balance Motorsport use can remotely activate circuits for test purposes.

For example, you can activate the fan relay, switch on Lambda sensor heater circuits or fire a fuel injector.

Our advanced diagnostic facilities will ensure we can get to the bottom of your cars gremlins, with minimal fuss.


So for engine, ABS, Body Computer and other diagnostics please get in touch today.

West Sussex location at BN5 9XH Unit 11b, or mobile service up to 25 miles. Prices start at £25 inc VAT for full Smart System Scan reading errors from Engine, Body and ABS systems.

Diagnostics Case Study

Do you really need a new Catalytic Converter?

Been told you need a new catalyst? Don't be so sure  - you could be spending good money without solving the fault...

Thousands of cars needlessly have new, inferior quality catalysts fitted every year..

I was approached by a customer for a price to fit a replacement catalytic converter to his car.  The car has only covered 81000 miles and was 9 years old. Manufacturers use the very best quality materials in the original catalyst. They are under obligation to make a vehicle good for 100,000 miles with Emissions management to ensure the car stays clean.

It is actually quite rare for an Original Equipment Catalyst to fail unless the mileage is well over 100,000 miles. In fact 140-150k on original catalyst is possible and still passing the MOT with ease.

So straight away I am thinking that perhaps this guy doesn't actually need a new Cat. So I ask him to bring the car for live diagnostics. When an MOT station tests your cars exhaust it only reports CO, HC and Lambda. What you really need for proper diagnostics is a 4 gas report. This will show CO, HC, O2 & CO2 – with these variables proper diagnosis can be made.

By setting up a number of custom variables and comparing outputs from various sensors it's possible to judge if any component is failing. Very often components can be performing incorrectly but no Check Engine Light is lit.

When the car arrived I connected into the engine management system and after the car had warmed up it was easy to see that the Lambda sensor had failed. It had failed in such a way that the car thought the mixture was lean. So it added more fuel. The sensor still reports a lean condition, so it adds more fuel, and so on. Pretty soon the poor old catalyst has a real job on it's hands as the mixture is being richened to the limit allowed by the ECU.

The customer was slightly surprised as the part was recently fitted by him, but it was a cheap aftermarket one. I wrote him a report, he got a free replacement part from the supplier, and heh presto with a working Lambda sensor the car soon returned to normal and passed the MOT with ease.

Total cost to him for my diagnostics £25.  He was quoted for a new cat fitted by other garages from £500 for an aftermarket catalyst to £1200 for a genuine one. As you can imagine this was a customer who was very happy that I challenged the assertion he needed a “new cat”.

Contact Balance Motorsport to find out exactly what's wrong with your engine

01903 879111

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    Engine Diagnostic Service / ABS Diagnostic Service / Air Bag Diagnostic Service

    Either pre-buy the service and when ordering please specify on the order when you would like the engineer to attend. Or simply call and book the diagnostics over the phone and pay after the service is complete. More
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