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Balance Motorsport can offer a range of Fiat tuning solutions from Suspension to Remapping to Race and Track preparation.

Fiat tuning is something very close to my heart as when I was 17 years old I owned one of these...


Fiat Strada 105TC Twin Cam

It didn't need a lot of tuning. Look at those alloys - many makers have imitated this style of late - here they are on the Strada 30 years before Citroen started putting them on the DS3. It came with a large oval tailpipe straight through exhaust as standard as well..It was loud. Much louder than a Golf. It was a Fiat Strada 105TC.

It was Fiats first response to the Golf GTI. It had 105HP with the Famous Aurelio Lampredi Twin Cam engine via a single twin choke carb. It used to rev right off the clock (no hydraulic valve lifters here..) and had a central cluster of gauges like a Ferrari - Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure and Volts. Compare that to nowadays when most cars have clocks or parking cameras.

It had a fly swap throttle for easy heel and toe and was great fun and bizarrely only group 5 insurance (I seem to recall the Golf GTI being 9 or 10 - there were only 10 groups then !)

I've always found Fiat somewhat underrated and some of the older models are criminally cheap to buy. Then again that makes them a great basis for a tuning Project. For example the Fiat Stilo is a bargain at present with a very solid &  stiff chassis and easy to tune 4 cylinder 1.8 engine, which has one of the best flowing production 4 cylinder heads ever made (also featured in the Punto HGT). It flows a lot of air and compression / cam permitting will hit 250hp without much work.

Of course we can't escape the huge impact of the Fiat Coupe, which still to this day, is a deeply impressive car to drive, and look at. For certain a future classic, like the Dino. I once owned an early 16 VT which had a brand new engine and the old EVO Cars remap (Evo Engineering were based in South London and the remap was terrific).

Now finally Fiat has respected the Abarth brand again and the new 695 Biposto with the option of the Dog Box is creating the kind of buzz that should surround Abarth. All we need now is a mid-engined platform so a true Abarth could be made. What about a budget 4C chassis with even lighter bodywork and no creature comforts whatsoever, with twin stage turbo and supercharging?

If you are thinking of tuning and competing in any Fiat or would like us to prepare your car, or just improve it for the road,  then please get in touch with us by e-mailing or phoning.

For anything Abarth please try putting Abarth in the search box eg 500 ABARTH, ABARTH 124

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    Öhlins Road & Track Coilover - Fiat 124 Spider 2017- (FIZ GR00)

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