Can you fit a Dump Valve to a Turbo Diesel? Should you ?

I keep getting emails from people asking about fitting dump valves to turbo diesels.

Dump valves are best specified for Turbocharged PETROL engines. Here is how they work

There have been instances where people have (with a lot of work) successfully put a dump valve on a diesel. However it isn't simple to do and generally confers no real performance benefit. The chief reason is most diesels do not have a throttle plate or butterfly. Some modern ones do but this is more about managing airflow and emisssions. Diesel engines do not use the throttle plate to stop the engine.

In essence when you snap the throttle shut on a diesel you only tell the engine to stop injecting as much fuel. You don't create a vacuum. Therefore installation on a diesel is arguably pointless.

Or is it???

There is an argument that if you have tuned the car way beyond the manufacturers original specification, that fitting a dump valve to a Turbo Diesel could improve the life of the turbo, protecting it from highly pressurised charge air, flowing back over the compressor.

Well, help is now at hand, in the form of the Turbo Smart BOV Dumpvalve for Turbo Diesel Engines


306 Diesel with dumpvalve



306 GTi6 on Throttle bodies



 Still want a diesel with a dumpvalve?


Help is at hand with the New TurboSmart BOV for Diesels


But remember

a- you don't necessarily need one

b - it's not a 5 min installation

It won't stop a runaway occurring ..


Ever seen what happens when a diesel runs off it's own engine oil?