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We are specialists in suspension Established in 2004 / Rapid Response to Email / Technical Staff as Standard

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Balance Motorsport founded in 2004 and based in West Sussex 

One of our customers is a multiple race champion - we can help you get ahead in the world of motorsport with minimal cost. This is my "the good guys win" approach. I do you a really good deal and the chances are you'll do well...

MSA License holders total about 35,000. So if performance parts are a niche market - Motorsport Parts are even more so. This is why the old adage of win on Sunday sell on Monday applies. Most people in Motorsport get advice and help from others on track (ideally the ones who are way out in front). As a small business I've unfortunately not had the funds to run my own race car or team. This means most of my Motor Sport business comes from word of mouth and referral. The key strength of Balance Motorsport is helping the Club racer get ahead on a reasonable budget. From a complete beginner to a seasoned campaigner you will find our honest approach refreshing. In addition you will find us more than happy to divulge useful information to help you go quicker without charge.

Are you competing in 2018? - please get in touch for our sponsorship offers.

For anyone building a Competition car to compete in UK Motorsport, we are able to offer a number of  products and services. Not all of these products are on our website as many are custom made to your requirements.

AP Racing Competition Braking products

AP Racing competition braking components

The full range of AP racing products are available on request. Please call or email for more details.

Intrax Racing Suspension Solutions

Intrax Racing Suspension

Balance Motorsport can supply Intrax Racing Suspension from off the shelf non adjustable monotube right up to 4 way adjustable titanium race suspension. Naturally competition suspension sales require a consultative approach so please get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Tein Racing Suspension Solutions

Tein Competition Damping Products - Super Racing / N1

We can supply to special order the full range of Tein Competition suspension including Super Racing and N1 dampers. As used in Japanese GT and Endurance racing

KW Racing suspension solutions

 KW Competition Suspension products

We can supply the full range of KW competition suspension solutions, from twin tube 2 way up to monotube 3 way adjustable. These are the suspension kits that have taken many race series and are having a big impact at the highest levels. KW provide a spring rate calculation service free of charge depending on your car and series requirements.

AVO Suspension

AVO Racing suspension solutions - we used AVO on the C1 GTI and were very impressed with the quality of the product. 90% handmade in England and built to spec not just a standard "one size fits all". AVO have it covered from basic twin tube single adjust up to 3 way Monotube units. Get in touch with us today we offer an added value service with free design elements (up to 1 hr of design consultation included)

Bilstein Logo

BILSTEIN COMPETITION SUSPENSION - as Bilstein dealer since 2004 we've undertaken a number of bespoke design projects. From re-valving B6 & B8 units to modifying Bilstein coilovers right up the the Modular Damper System - we can help you get an advantage.


Whiteline Suspension Competition Parts

Whiteline Logo

Whiteline Suspension provide a range of Competition Parts for a range of cars. Especially well represented are cars such as the Subaru Impreza and Nissan 200SX. They provide Anti-roll bars, castor and camber adjustment kits, uprated bushes and mounting and various other suspension parts.

 Competition Car Preparation Services

  • Complete Car Build
  • Parts supply
  • Roll Cage Installation
  • Custom Fibre Glass fabrication
  • new - Custom Carbon Fibre fabrication
  • Track side support

Balance Motorsport are based in West Sussex ideally placed for Goodwood track day enthusiasts, Brands Hatch and Lydden Hill.

Please call us today on 01903 879111 or 0871 288 3294 (technical) to discuss your requirements. Thank you.



Club Motorsport on a Shoestring

Luckily in the UK we are blessed with one the best environments to begin some form of motorsport.  With so many series in the UK often the hardest question that must be asked is which one to choose.  When faced with a tight budget many people actually work the other way round and decide on a car before a series. This is not necessarily a bad thing as there are so many series in UK you'd be hard pushed not to find a class for pretty much any car. However this approach can lead to misery!

If we draw a parallel with other sports, people will always draw on their natural strengths and enter a sport where they will have an advantage from the outset.  For instance you will not often see a six foot five jockey or a five foot olympic swimmer. For these very same reasons is important that anyone embarking on motorsport needs to choose their car carefully to ensure it not only brings them the success they desire but also within a budget they can afford.  The most important word is success, one person's idea of success is another's idea of failure.  It's very important to decide whether winning in the short and/or long-term is essential.  For many competitors simply taking part in a car they enjoy driving, that they have enjoyed preparing is more than enough.  Their goal is to better themselves and to improve consistently and methodically as they become more experienced. Quite often they will be competing in series with cars which are far more developed than theirs, which may have cost much more to prepare.  Being "beaten" by such cars may not be considered a loss at all.

At the other end of the extreme is the driver who must win regardless of cost and effort.  We are all acutely aware that you can't be an expert overnight in any sport, and that without proper training and of course hard earned experience it is very unlikely you will be a front runner in your first season.  However motorsport does comprise a machine and a sportsman.  In a short article like this we can do little to change the sportsman, but we can guide the choice of the machine.  The first thing to consider if you're starting out in motorsport for the first time is not only your short-term objectives but also your long-term objectives.  It is crucial no matter how difficult, to try and predict where you would like to be in the future before you start, this will guide your choice of series and choice of car. It is tempting to look at the front runners cars and just assume they must be the weapon of choice. They may have been developed over a long period with a very experienced driver at the wheel. The reality is the regulations shape the choice of car.  Naturally there will always be some vehicles excluded but it is trying to work out within the regulations which will be the best choice for you and your budget.

As an example if the series allows virtually no modification to the engine and suspension it clearly makes sense to invest in a car that handles well and goes well out of the box.  You will not see many standard MkII Escorts being raced nowadays. If the class enables you to have up to 2 L of engine capacity it is clear that a Honda Civic Type-R would easily beat a standard MkII Escort.  However if you look at series where modifications are very open the MkII Escort is still, even today, a formidable adversary. There is an important point here and this is one to keep in mind as you study regulations and get closer to your choice of car and series.  Older cars, in plentiful supply, that have been used in motorsport for many years, are much cheaper to develop to high standards of specification. Newer cars with much progress in technology and development are quick out of the box but also tend to be heavier and much more difficult, and therefore more expensive to develop further.

Although vehicle technology has progressed much over the last 20 years, with more powerful engines, better handling and stiffer stronger body shells, lightweight is still the key to corner speed is this is still more important than straight-line speed. A balanced suspension setup is critical to achieving success and handling is definitely more important than power.  This is why the original mini is still being used today.  If regulations allow serious modification of suspension, the choice is between a modern car with a more modern design, where modifications will be more expensive or an older machine whose competition credentials are already established meaning a wide choice of parts are available at low cost. The same dictum applies to engine modifications.

If you are looking to start motorsport and you want to keep your house, wife and savings then please give us a call we would be glad to help. Contact Balance Motorsport to discuss your plans for Motorsport on 01903 879111, email us at info@balancemotorsport.co.uk or shop online.