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The UK's governing body of Motorsport the MSA, has decided to make HANS Devices mandatory from 2016. Buy Hans Devices online from Balance Motorsport today and make sure you are ready for the new season.

From the 1 January 2016 an FIA-approved FHR (Frontal Head Restraint) will be mandatory for all Stage Rally competitors, except for those in Historic Category One vehicles, for whom it will be a recommendation in 2016 and mandatory from 2017.

It was also decided that from 1 January 2016 an FIA-approved FHR will be mandatory for all Hill Climb and Sprint competitors. There are a few exceptions, for those in Period Defined Vehicles, Road-going Series Production Cars and Road-going Specialist Production Cars. Nonetheless, it will be recommended for those excepted competitors.

FHRs are already mandatory for circuit racing competitiors in post-2000 single-seat cars and will be mandatory across circuit racing, except for Period Defined vehicles, from 2016.

With the HANS device though it is vital that it works properly with your seat and harness. Currently there is some debate over 2" vs 3" shoulder belts. The reality is the HANS tends to work better with a 2" belt but as always check your local regulations.

Make sure your harnesses don't just comply with the Blue Book angle maximum. A harness going down at too steep an angle is not good in the event of an accident so where possible use a harness bar to keep the belt at less of an angle. Although for FIA events you can't modify a cage and keep the compliance, my understanding is that you can weld a harness bar (or bolt) to a cage and not affect compliance for non-FIA events.

Something else to bear in mind when looking at the HANS working with the harness and the seat is that the roll cage is as far a possible away from your head. Some people put full cages in road legal cars and then drive those cars on the road without a crash helmet. This is a serious hazard for your head in the event of an accident. FIA compliant Roll cage padding is designed to be hit by a crash helmet not a head (it's rock hard).

For road based class sprints and track day cars driven on the road you are much better off with just a rear cage unless you wear a helmet. However if you wear a helmet without a HANS that is another risk. The best advice for road / track hybrids is too look at cars like the 911 GT3RS and the Megane R26R and follow their lead - neither have a roll cage in the front for this reason.

We currently list 20 degree models - if you are in any doubt about which angle you need please contact us.


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