Suspension Tuning Guide - Choice and Set Up

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Balance Motorsport

A guide to maximising corner speed

by Julian Spender


  Suspension is our favourite area of car tuning. Balance Motorsport have been helping Enthusiasts and Racers develop cars that handle and grip well since 2004. It is hoped that this free resource will provide a useful starting point for your project build whatever it may be. There is a useful link to a frequency calculator as well as some formulas which you can use to work out pitch optimised spring rates. You don't have to do these calculations to make a good track or road car but it prevents some of the more obvious errors. Above all we hope it is an interesting read and that we will be able to help you whether it be for parts, or installation.



  1. Tyres & Tyre Choice

  2. Roll Stiffness & Weight Transfer

  3. Suspension Geometry 

  4. Pitch Optimisation

  5. Corner Weighting

  6. Aerodynamics

  7. Tyre Temperatures