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Airtec Intercoolers

Even though Balance Motorsport has been trading since 2004, it's wasn't until 2018 that we decided to list Airtec Intercoolers. For too long the Intercooler market has been awash with products that look good but don't work properly or are poorly made. Proudly made in England, AIRTEC intercooler upgrades ensure your Turbocharged or Supercharged engine gets the cold charge it needs to produce reliable horsepower.

Be aware with any Turbocharged vehicle that intercooler capacity should be related to the pressure ratio and efficiency of the turbo. Adding to large and intercooler will result in a pressure drop meaning the turbo has to work harder. If you have a remapped car and your turbo is outside of the effieciency island on the compressor map, it's adding a lot of heat to the charge. The intercooler may fix that but the turbo should ideally be upgraded as well if its operating outside it's comfortable operation area.

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  1. AIRTEC RENAULT MEGANE 2 - 225 and R26 70mm Core Intercooler Upgrade
  2. AIRTEC RENAULT MEGANE 3 RS 250 and 265 Stage 2 Intercooler -  Pre-Facelift
  3. AIRTEC RENAULT MEGANE 3 RS 250, 265 & 275 - Stage 2 Intercooler - Facelift
  4. AIRTEC RENAULT MEGANE 3 – RS 250 and 265 Stage 1 60mm Core Intercooler
  5. AIRTEC RENAULT MEGANE Sport 225/R26 95mm core intercooler upgrade + scoop

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