BMC Air Filters

BMC Air Filters

BMC Replacement Filters

BMC Replacement Car Air Filters use Cotton Gauze construction with advanced Alloy Mesh and Epoxy Coating to ensure longevity and reliability. The cotton gauze structure ensures high flow with good filtration. Filtration is improved by a light oiling with low viscosity oil. The beauty of cotton gauze is its ability to flow very well even when dirty. Power increases depend on the engines requirements for air being greater than the previous paper element delivered. In most cases a measurable increase can be noted on a rolling road. Filters need cleaning as per usual paper change interval and will typically last the lifetime of the vehicle. This makes them very good value for money.

BMC was founded in 1973 and initially was a distributor of automotive parts. In 1995 BMC started producing their own air filters due to an inquiry of F1 air filters from the Ferrari Formula 1 Team. BMC is now a supplier to many of the top F1 teams and a huge range of other motorsport teams from Superbikes to GT racing. With so much success in the racing environment it was only natural for BMC to start producing high performance air filter kits for street and club race cars. Now the BMC range is very extensive and includes includes panel sport air filters, conical air filters, direct induction kits and the now widely immitated but never bettered Carbon Dynamic Airbox. The CDA is protected by many patents so beware of copies that look ostensibly similar on the outside - they will not be the same on the inside. BMC air filters are designed and produced by Italian Engineers to be used in extreme conditions and to give you the highest performance. Since 1996 BMC air filters have equipped some of the most important Teams in F1 and American Le Mans Series like Ferrari, Toyota, Williams BMW, Prost, Sauber, Minardi, Porsche and Audi, thus demonstrating the high quality level of the product

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