Whiteline Chassis Control Bushings

This product may appear similar to Powerflex and other Poly bushes but it is substantially different to warrant a complete description.

Whiteline use an engineered "Synthetic Elastomer" to make their bushes which feature the quality ride of rubber at low speeds and at higher speeds react more better than rubber when under cornering, accelerating and braking loads, enabling better handling and grip. 

In the Australian market these type of bushes are the norm for replacement of aging rubber buses. In UK though they are at present seen more as a "tuning" modification. This may be due to some of the negatives of standard poly bushes. You may have heard "Poly bushings are too noisy", "They dry out and you have to regrease them", "They make the car ride too harsh"

Not with Whiteline bushes - Unique design and material technology for improved articulation, performance, vibration and noise reduction - no squeaks or groans and no need to regrease.The advanced synthetic elastomer last and give superior elasticity & memory for all applications.

Should you give them a hard time all Whiteline bushing kits are backed by a lifetime warranty (conditions apply)!

Whiteline Chassis Control Bushings are the solution to the weaknesses of conventional poly bushes.

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