Introducing NEW KONI Special Active dampers, together online with Sport & STR-T dampers, to order via part number. Visit the KONI website to get your part numbers then come back here (hopefully!) to order.



Koni Special Active Dampers now online


Just like a Chameleon adjusts to its habitat, new KONI Special Active adjust to your driving style and the road conditions. They do this without the need for electronic controls which keeps the cost down and the simplicity up. This makes for a reliable solution to the terrible roads in Britain !
KONI Special Active give you superior handling without the traditional compromise of a Sports Damper. Utilising the most recent generation of KONI's FSD (Frequency Selective Damping ) they provide comfort and control by reacting differently to varying frequencies. Low frequency movements (such as turning around a corner) require high force if the vehicle is to feel sporty. However higher frequency events at higher damper speeds, such as driving over a rutted road, require a more measured ratio of damping to ensure comfort.

KONI Special ACTIVE is the next generation of premium shock absorbers that offer superior handling without compromise. It is the latest advancement in the KONI product portfolio. Utilising the most recent generation of KONI’s patented Frequency Selective Damping technology, it controls large body motions and cornering forces but smooths expansion joints and rough roads for improved comfort.

The basics of damping selection are that you only use the low speed circuit at moderate speeds without much cornering. Any other conditions call on the high speed setting. The trouble is small ruts and bumps. They occur at a much higher frequency than a large hump or aggressive cornering loads.

What KONI have done, using a patented system, is make the damper behave differently at different frequencies. This means that on rough roads the damper works at a softer setting and yet all other high speed work at lower frequencies results in a firmer damper. Therefore it works like a Sports damper around the corners but provides the smooth ride of a comfort damper at higher frequency events.

In the words of a few happy customers

"I’m pleased with the Koni Special Active units. Initially I didn’t notice much difference but, having covered a few hundred miles, they definitely round off the bumps of lumpy roads. As a result the ride is smoother and the general driving experience improved, I’ll be happy to provide a positive review of my experience of Balance Motorsports." Richard, VW Golf


My Gen 3 Mini Cooper S 2 litre Exclusive was nearly perfect except for the rock hard suspension. Julian patiently took all the time needed, by email and telephone, to discuss the options and we agreed on the Koni Special Active dampers, which he then sourced for me and arranged for Balance Motor Works to install.
His advice was good; the Konis have transformed the ride, removing those bone jarring thumps over potholes and other rough surfaces and, if anything, improving the handling at speed.
Julian is clearly very experienced, knowledgable and professional and a very nice guy, to boot. I would certainly use Balance Motor Sport again.
Geoffrey, Mini Cooper

"Yes the car feels better - less harsh and it's a more marked improvement on the dual carriageway rather than around town .My wife thinks it's much better so thanks for your advice and help with this!" Robert, Mk7 Golf GTI

"The car seemed quite soft (like stock). But the more I drove over roads I knew, the more I noticed that the body was much better controlled than with the stock dampers. The slightly wallowy feeling had been banished. The first time I tipped into a corner with a bit of enthusiasm, the dampers revealed themselves - the car is much more responsive and so much more composed and willing to go in the direction it's being steered in." Kevin, Audi S4 2013

Got them fitted last friday, and I'm very impressed, they're really comfortable but still handle really nicely. Now my Toyota company car seems to ride really harshly in comparison. They've made my old man spec 330d feel like a new car again, I'll certainly order from you again if I need anything in the future." Harry, BMW 3 Series E90




Koni serves Sporting Drivers with a carefully designed range of sport shock absorbers. This product focuses on exceptional road holding and handling, combined with a reasonable level of driving comfort. They can also be used with lowering spring kits to lower a vehicle approx 25-50mm. KONI Sport characteristics include responsive steering, reduced body-roll and limited body movements. Many Sport shocks are externally adjustable shock absorbers, making fine tuning even easier.




Koni serves the driver looking for Sporting performance on a budget with the New Street Damper series. This product focuses on great road holding and handling but offers a much lower price point without damping adjustment. They can also be used with lowering spring kits to lower a vehicle approx 25-50mm.


If you are unsure of the part number for Koni Products please visit the KONI PRODUCT SEARCH, make a note of the part(s) you require and you can then search by part number on the Balance Motorsport site.


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