B4 Shocks

B4 Shocks

Bilstein B4 dampers

are gas assisted original equipment quality shock absorbers (dampers). We now have the full range online but should you want to look up the part number on the Bilstein Catalog you can.. Our search box also enables you to enter the part number of your choice if you already know what you need.

Price is per unit. You must replace 2 dampers on each axle at a time. These dampers are not uprated and should be used with standard springs or lowering springs with circa 30mm drop.

We fitted a pair of these dampers for charity to a 1987 Fiat Panda 4x4 which successfully completed a 8000 mile trip over the roughest terrain from UK to Mongolia. Many other parts of the car which had been recently replaced failed on the event, except the front dampers! We think they are the best value original equipment specification dampers you can buy.

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