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We list kits from AP, Tarox,  & Stoptech

The most important aspect of performance braking is to ensure that you are not getting brake fade on any axle. The primary reason for upgrading to a Bigger Brake Kit is to eliminate the weaknesses of the factory system. Generally speaking the weakness comes not on the first or second stop, but under consistent heavy braking. Sliding piston calipers work brilliantly for a long life on the road car, but their inconsistent application of pressure to the pad, poor release characteristics, combined with high weight and weak heat capability make them a poor choice for high-performance use.

We've recently seen a manufacturer of brakes launch a range of Big Brake Kits which they market as a Balanced Brake Kit.  Stoptech brakes have a trademark registered for Balanced Big Brake Kits®. What does that mean though? Depending on the driver and the application (e.g Race, Sprint, Road etc) brake balance is generally best when it's either adjustable or fully automated. A modern car with an ABS system will continuously monitor the braking performance based on telemetry from various sensors, in conjunction with the ABS system in heavy braking situations. A race car will tend to have a pedal box with a brake bias valve. Either way brake balance is achieved by the electronics or the driver. Granted it certainly makes sense if on a budget, that when you upgrade the front brakes you do something to the rear.  So its always important to consider this rather than fall for marketing. 

In our experience the best big brakes are the Brembo and Tarox products, AP and Stoptech lead times are simply too long and the support isn't as good.

If you want a big brake kit on the front axle (where the majority of upgrades occur due to static and dynamic weight transfer) then we'd generally recommend using the same pad compound in the rear, however sometimes this may vary. For example in a Saloon you could find Ferodo DS2500 in the rear works well with Ferodo DS3000 in the front.   .

The reality is for a truly balanced brake upgrade you need to consider the overall set up of the car and the operating environment. You may need larger brakes front and rear, you may need a different brake compound in the front and rear, you may need to monitor temperatures and add more cooling. You may even need to remove the ABS system on a race vehicle, add a different master cylinder and a bias valve.

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