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We are specialists in suspension Established in 2004 / Rapid Response to Email / Technical Staff as Standard

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Balance Garage

Balance Garage Suspension & Brake Specialists. Abarth, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Fiat, Honda, Subaru, VW

Balance Garage

Balance Garage - Car Servicing, Tuning, Modification and Repair on the Golding Barn Industrial Estate nr Small Dole / Upper Beeding, West Sussex BN5 9XH.

You don't have to own a fast car or be into Motor sport to use Balance Garage. What we are offering with our Garage is a friendly service for our local customers (and those from further afield), as well as fitting services for those interested in our upgraded range of parts.

Whether you want your car serviced using OEM specification parts, or upgraded using specialist parts, we can help with either.

If you've received our latest flyer then please get in touch to claim your free Winter Health Check.

The Importance of regular Servicing

There is nothing like preventative maintenance. Over the years car makers have sought to make new cars appear attractive by offering extended service intervals. Despite what the Oil manufacturers tell you - Oil technology hasn't kept pace with these long intervals so you will hear stories about cars having major mechanical failures, at a comparatively young age. Our best advice to you is to change you oil at least annually or before 10000 miles. Spark plugs and Air filters last longer and you can run two oil changes to one filter change if your engine is petrol and in good condition. 

Servicing according to manufacturers recommendations

We recommend servicing according to the manual your car comes with, only changing the oil and filters more frequently.

It is Oil degradation that leads to failures of cam phase variators, cam chain tensioners, cam chains, bearings, turbochargers and camshafts way before their useful potential service life.

Balance Garage Flyer

- Friendly and Experienced Garage

- Established in 2004

- Diagnostics

- Servicing

- Repairs

- Welding

- Suspension

- Brakes

- Exhausts

- MOTs arranged

Car Tuning - from classic cars to modern cars

What is car tuning? The definition I suppose varies on whether we consider it to mean just engine tuning or the whole car. You can tune your suspension just as much as you can tune your engine.

In days gone by a typical "Tune Up" consisted of a new set of spark plugs, air filter, points (either new or clean and adjust) and then set the dwell angle. Later electronic ignition dispensed with the points, so we just had the rotor arm and cap to think of.

Nowadays with complex electronic engine management systems,  tuning has become led by computer tweaks as the hardware has become more capable of this method of tune. We are able to offer both diagnostics and remapping services.

For Suspension we offer access to a wide range of upgrades from Dampers to Alignment, installed with the knowledge you need to ensure your car drives right.

Here at Balance Garage we can help you realise your dreams of the car serviced.  tuned and looked after the way you want it, whether that be the underpinnings of the car, or the heart of it, the engine.

Balance Garage is just a few minutes outside of Brighton in the South Downs - well worth a visit, and the drive back in your car will be very rewarding

Please call to make an appointment or request mobile mechanical services on 01903 879111

- If it's a simple job then the Golding Barn Cafe serves excellent food including a very good Full English and excellent Baguettes, otherwise please leave your car with us. We don't mind discussing a project, but when engaged in work on your car distractions are best avoided.


Workshop hours vary please enquire so we may arrange a time to suit you.

Unit 11B Golding Barn Industrial Estate, Henfield Road, Small Dole, West Sussex, BN5 9XH

Some customer feedback below

"..Only drove it home so far , about 20 miles but it feels great. The steering is superb, a different car."

"Having had my B12 suspension kit for a few days, you were right, it is is a different car, wish I had done it sooner! The ride and handling are so much better than before and everything from braking to cornering has been affected positively.The service you provided from the outset to having the suspension fitted was excellent and the personal touch made all the difference."  more feedback


Please get in touch today for a quote - 01903 879111 or email us

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 Balance Garage - we use only the best parts



Serious About Servicing and Installing Suspension

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  2. Recalibrate steering wheel angle sensor-- BMW E60-61-62

    Recalibrate steering wheel angle sensor-- BMW E60-61-62

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    Winter Health Check

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