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At Balance Motor Sport, Our mission is not just to sell Performance Parts, it is to help you create the car you want.

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The performance car parts market.

The UK Aftermarket for car parts is worth a huge £7.1 Billion (2023) to the UK economy. It is not clear what percentage performance parts make up of this. Mintel have a UK Aftermarket report available, however the cost is £2634. Not much to a big player in standard car parts, but the performance car parts market is a niche within a niche. The companies in this field are mainly small  - for example Demon Tweeks is one of the larger companies, but only employs a relatively small number of people. For the time being then, the report remains beyond reach, in which case I can't tell you just how exclusive a group you are, to be looking for performance parts! What you can be sure of though, is you are not the norm.

Most people don't want to invest in their cars. Most people carry out repairs to their cars when required, and routine maintenance is minimal. You are not most people though. When you drive you are connected to the road or track by your car. You feel part of the vehicle not a passenger in it. You take in a lot more information from the environment when you drive. Hungry to predict not just your cars behaviour but the behaviour of other motorists. This is necessary, as some drivers skills have reached new lows.

So far from buying performance car parts to look like a "boy racer", you do it for much the same reason a proud house owner fits a new kitchen, or extends the house via a loft conversion. You invest in your car as it gives you pleasure. Good on you. We are here to serve you. We salute you.

Established in 2004, Balance Motorsport operate from a small industrial unit on Golding Barn Estate, Small Dole in West Sussex.

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