Performance Braking - stopping quicker is both safer and faster. This is one of the few areas of modification where road and track plans vary little. It really is best to get the highest performance braking system you can afford or modify your existing set-up to get the best from it. Of course this depends on your budget and the regulations you may need to adhere to.

It is worth remembering that a lot of braking efficiency can be lost through unevenly worn or “warped” (usually this is caused by pad deposits building up on the disc) discs. We are not talking large distances either - anything more than 0.10mm at the edge will reduce efficiency and cause judder - perhaps not immediately but certainly shortening the lifetime of the product. So remember that even if you do have uprated discs already, if they have seen hard use it will be worth checking the run-out. Our range of grooved and dimple drilled discs will deglaze the pad better ensuring consistent braking and reducing stopping distances.

Braided brake hoses can improve pedal feel and braking power as well as ensuring greater longevity.

Fluid is often overlooked on road and even track cars. Ensure it is changed annually and make sure you opt for a high boiling point product. Remember not to mix silicon fluid (DOT 5.0) with DOT 3,4 or 5.1. Silicon fluid can offer very good performance but there are some problems with it in that rather than absorbing water the water is dispersed and then hides away in the system. You will hope it is not hiding in a caliper as it will boil very quickly and cause possible brake failure. This will not be a problem if you regularly change the fluid. Also though you need to flush the system before using silicone. Essentially the best method is to keep using the same base as you are using now (either Glycol or Silicone). Don't get obsessed with 300 deg c boiling point - if your brake calipers are getting beyond 250 deg c that is too hot!

With brakes, if your regulations or car permits it, then try and add cooling vents or pipes to the front brakes. The front brakes will do most of the work so by aiding cooling you can prevent fade.

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