Endless Competition Brake Pads

Endless is a Japanese company known for producing high-performance brake components from the street to the crucible of Motor Sport at a high level. They are recognised in the UK for their brake pads which offer good value for money and performance typically at or above more expensive pads.

ME22 (CC38)

The Endless ME22, also known as the Circuit Compound CC38 in some regions, is a motor sport grade brake pad designed for both racing and track day cars. It’s a development of the ME20 compound, offering better lubrication to the disc and potentially less temperature development during use. Here are some key specifications:

Friction: 0.33-0.38μ
Heat levels: Operable within 150-800°C
This compound is suitable for vehicles that require high demands on the brakes but operate at slower speeds. It’s known for its excellent pedal feel and brake power across a wide speed range, allowing for hard and late braking into corners. The ME22 also has low wear characteristics for both pads and discs and retains resistance to water fade in wet conditions

ME20 (CC40)

The Endless ME20, is slightly higher friction compound than ME22 but with less initial bite. Also known as CC40, like ME22 is a semi-metallic compound designed for high-performance racing and rally applications. It’s particularly well-suited for vehicles with high grip and traction due to advanced suspension setups and tyres.


Friction: 0.35-0.40μ, Heat level: Operable within 150-800°C
ME20 offers a strong initial bite and consistent brake power across a range of conditions, making it ideal for hard and late braking into corners. It’s also noted for its stable performance at high disc temperatures, exceeding 650°C, and its excellent resistance to water fade in wet conditions. Both pad and disc wear rates are low, contributing to its durability.

This compound was originally developed for British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) Super Touring cars, which require precise braking control and power. The ME20’s characteristics allow for easy modulation of brake force, making it a popular choice among professional drivers.

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