Whiteline are a successful Australian Company producing a range of performance suspension products from Anti-Roll bars (ARBs) to Alignment products (such as caster kits and camber kits).

Balance Motorsport are one of Whiteline UK's original dealers selling the product since 2004 and we have detailed technical knowledge on the range, so if you want to discuss the right solution for your car please get in touch.

We've represented Whiteline at the world leading Autosport show, as well as help grow their brand in the UK. The product is much more widely distributed now, but we think you will find that our prices are reasonable, and our good relationship with the UK warehouse ensures orders are dealt with in a timely fashion.

Whiteline Suspension use Motor Sport, particularly Sprints, to develop their products, they aim to bring you a car that you can still drive on the road yet remain highly competitive on the track. One of the biggest benefits of Anti-roll bars is you can retain relatively soft spring and damper settings to give ride comfort but still have good handling and transient response.  Yes single wheel bumps through a stiffer Anti-roll bar will give the dampers more work to do, and may make the ride a little less comfortable. However the upsides of better camber control and adding more grip by altering the chassis balance to optimise the circle of grip, more than offset this.

Whiteline Suspension invest a lot of time and effort into research and development and this ensures that the end product offers not only great performance but also exceptional value.

When comparing the effect of differing Anti-Roll Bar (ARB) thicknesses the following guide is very useful. You will notice that just 1mm can make quite a significant difference. It is for this reason that the adjustable bars make such a useful tuning tool. It is not possible to alter the way a car handles so quickly with any other device.

Whiteline Roll Stiffness estimated percentage increase


If there are too many parts listed for your car try visiting the Whiteline website and then, when you know what you want, put the part number into our search box. If you want  to accurately work out the difference in wheel rate of the bar then click here for our calculator. 



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