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Balance Motorsport Blog

Welcome to the Balance Motorsport Blog. The ability to comment has recently been added for logged in customers only (email not shown unless specified)

Happy New Year ! Could this be where the car of the future is developed?

The Car of the Future Could be developed in a shed?...

Fiat X1/9


Corner Weights - how far out will they be?

How Important is Corner Weighting? If you install a set of coilovers, you may be thinking of getting corner weights done. You may well need them don...

New Book on Car Suspension


OMP Roll Cage in Honda Civic Type R

The EP3 Type R Civic remains a very popular choice for Circuit Racing as well as Sprints and Hillclimbs. The combination of superb VTEC motor, excellent chassis and great value for money sees to this. ...

An Ode to the SUV

An Ode to the SUV...

Turbocharger Replacement on modern direct injection Petrol & Diesel

Turbocharger Replacement on modern direct injection Petrol & Diesel   ...

Over on our facebook page..

Whiteline launch a number of  new products, inc the new VAG Group Roll Centre Adjuster...

Tyre Stretch

TYRE STRETCH - GOOD OR BAD? Tyre Stretch is popular with a subsection of the modified car community. The chances are if you are on this site, you pro...

Don't let your turbo engine get melted on a rolling road

  A potential customer contacted me recently, to gauge my opinion, on his recent calamitous rolling road session, which had resulted in melted spark plugs and as yet unknown damage, on his high power turbo engine....

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