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Brembo GT Brake kits


AP BRAKES - about a year

Stoptech - about 3 months

or Brembo in 3 weeks - the choice as they say, is yours!

Brembo Brakes are the natural choice for manufacturers of some of the worlds highest performance cars. In our opinion it was the appearance of the evocative Brembo letters on calipers as original equipment that really drove the Big Brake Kit aftermarket.

Brembo operates on 3 continents, with production sites in 9 countries and sales networks in 70 national territories around the world.

Brembo brakes need little introduction. Original equipment on some of the worlds finest cars and with many F1 Teams you can be sure that you are buying a product with proper pedigree.

Part of Brembos difference lies in the dedication to research, development and testing. The research and development phase is equally as important as testing, with static comfort tests, on the road tests and dynamic tests on the test benches, finally arriving at the definition of the  Big Brake kit product.

Introducing Brembo Brake Kits: Engineered for Car Enthusiasts

Brembo Big Brake kit image - red and yellow

Tailored for performance-driven car enthusiasts seeking instant braking response, the Brembo GT | M kits offer unparalleled performance for both everyday road driving and quick track sessions.

Each kit boasts meticulously designed one-piece or composite ventilated discs, available in drilled or slotted variants. Complemented by 4, 6, or 8 piston aluminum calipers, a complete set of high-performance pads, metal-braided hoses, and top-quality hardware, these kits integrate cutting-edge solutions and technologies born from the realm of racing.

Crafted from motorsports-derived components, this braking system embodies the pinnacle of high-tech design and performance. The aluminum brake calipers, featuring opposed pistons, stand as the cornerstone of the kit. Their monobloc construction ensures exceptional stiffness, minimising deformation and maximising efficiency.

The discs included in the kit boast a unique ventilation system that significantly enhances cooling capacity, reducing thermal shock-induced cracking by over 40%. Offering floating or one-piece options based on specific car models, these discs augment performance. The kit also includes high-performance pads, DOT-approved metal-braided hoses, adapters, and premium fastening hardware.

On the road, expect increased braking torque and superior thermal capacity. The radial-mounted fixed calipers paired with oversized discs deliver heightened braking force and thermal capacity. This synergy results in responsive, decisive braking, noticeable during everyday drives and consistent even on the track.

The fixed calipers ensure prolonged durability and efficiency, thanks to their multi-piston configuration, which optimises pad action and promotes uniform friction surface wear. The calipers' rigidity, coupled with metal-braided hoses, reduces brake fluid absorption, enhancing pedal response, feel, and modulation. Additionally, the use of an aluminum alloy bell in the system with oversized floating discs reduces unsprung weight and thermal stress, improving handling.

The advanced mounting system allows radial and axial float, increasing the braking surface and enhancing heat dissipation. This ensures consistent performance and pedal feel, maintaining optimal braking, even after intense usage.

The Gran Turismo (GT M) kits feature painted calipers (available in red, black, silver, and yellow) adorned with the iconic Brembo logo, alongside slotted or drilled discs, elevating the car's visual appeal for those seeking a sporty, standout design.

For the most discerning drivers, the GT | R kits elevate performance further, boasting monobloc calipers machined from solid billet metal, larger slotted discs up to 405 mm in diameter, and high-performance pads.

At Brembo, authenticity and safety are paramount. To combat counterfeiting, they introduced Brembo Check—a user-friendly app certifying the originality of  their parts. All parts supplied by Balance Motor Sport are the real deal!

Please email with your vehicle details and will will submit a quote usually within the hour during opening hours.

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