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There is no other exhaust brand with the range, history and experience of Supersprint. Balance Motorsport have been retailing Supersprint since 2005. Since then we've come to respect the engineering integrity of this product. Always superbly made and with fitting being spot-on you can be sure you will only need to order once.


Supersprint Inc. was formed in 1955 with the objective of designing and building the highest quality performance exhaust systems in the world. This objective has been the driving force behind the development of each Supersprint product. When looking to purchase Supersprint you can be sure of getting the very best quality available.

Each high performance Supersprint Exhaust system has been researched, designed and tested to ensure additional power and to enhance overall performance.

Unlike many Exhaust producers all Supersprint design is validated by extensive testing which includes hours of dyno testing on Supersprint's Maha 4-wheel chassis dynamometer. No other exhaust manufacturer that we know of has the overall experience of Supersprint in this area.

The Supersprint Exhausts dyno performs over 1,000 dynotest runs each year on a wide range of marques. They evaluate most car models and all engine versions available, however please note not every system has a dyno report.

From a 4 Cylinder Fiat to a V12 Ferrari, Supersprint offers you the design experience and exhaust product second to none. From the tiny 54 hp. Fiat Cinquecento Sporting, to a 490 Hp modified “fire breathing” Dodge Viper, to the 4 wheel drive Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 litre rally cars, Supersprint has experience designing and building the worlds highest quality exhaust components.

They are often called upon to provide closed-door dyno testing for the worlds top racing teams. Private teams and factory teams alike depend upon the extensive knowledge of Supersprint to prepare for, world class, rally and road race events.

All this experience provides the Supersprint staff with a database of powerband information unequaled in the industry. Information that contributes to the design and production of each and every product they produce.


The quality of a Supersprint system also includes meeting sound emissions restrictions. All Supersprint street legal systems meet the stringent requirements of TUV testing for quality, design, construction and sound emissions.


If you are unsure about any parts before ordering  Supersprint have an excellent homepage where you can double check fitting. Don't forget to come back and order from Balance Motorsport though !



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  1. Supersprint Front pipe Y BMW E90 (980242)
    £670.42 £558.68
    BMW E90 Saloon 335d / 335xd (286 Hp) 2006 -›
    To be installed as a kit with 980213. Learn More
  2. Supersprint Metallic catalytic converter Right - Left + rear exhaust OO70 PORSCHE 911 (Serie 996) (244706)
    £5,327.02 £4,439.18
    PORSCHE 996 GT3 3.6i ( 360 Hp ) 99 -› 01
    Must use OEM Porsche Cup bumper. Learn More
  3. Supersprint Metallic catalytic converter Right - Left + X-Pipe BMW E83 X3 (981802)
    £2,813.86 £2,344.88
    BMW X3 2.5si (218 Hp) 2006 -› 2010
    Full kit only Learn More
  4. Supersprint Metallic catalytic converter Right MERCEDES W221 S (845702)
    £2,153.98 £1,794.98
    MERCEDES W221 S450 V8 07 -› 08
    Full kit only - To be installed as a kit with 845732 Learn More
  5. Supersprint Metallic catalytic converter. Left MERCEDES W221 S (845732)
    £2,153.98 £1,794.98
    MERCEDES W221 S450 V8 07 -› 08
    Full kit only - To be installed as a kit with 845702 Learn More
  6. Supersprint Rear exhaust kit Right OO80 - Left OO80 BMW E92 (981606)
    £2,047.50 £1,706.25
    BMW E92 Coupe 325i / 325xi 07 -›
    Alternative to 980806 - To be installed as a kit with 789002 or 789012 and 980803 Learn More
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