Kent Cams

Kent Cams

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Kent Cams occupy a soft spot in my heart. They take me back to the day of sticking a wild cam in the long stroke 1098cc A series engine and being told "it won't rev" -  well it did with a 1275 head stuck on it and the bores cut for clearance.

Kent Cams are leaders in competition camshaft profiles for many spheres of Motorsport and particularly impressed me with their range of Scatter pattern A-Series cams back in the day with David Vizard.

We have put their site below so you can search for what you need - make a note of the part number(s) and then drop us an email !




Kent Cams

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  1. Kent Cams custom valve lash caps
    £9.60 £8.00


    S67-5 5.5mm valve stem, 3.3mm skirt 5mm thickness

    S67-6 6mm valve stem, 2.5mm skirt 5mm thickness

    S67-7 7mm valve stem, 2.5mm skirt 5mm thickness

    S67-8 8mm valve stem, 2.5mm skirt 5mm thickness

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