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Steinbauer Tuning Boxes

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Steinbauer- Premium Plug and Play, Removable Vehicle Tuning - Made in Austria - Excellent Results on most cars without the risks of ECU Remapping or Chip Tuning (particularly chip tuning involving solder).

Steinbauer is a quality electronic tuning product from Austria. It is built without cutting corners and offers a simple, yet effective plug and play tuning solutions. What's more although the cost puts this as a premium solution the power claims are genuine and therefore represent good value nonetheless.

Started in the 90's Steinbauer offers the ultimate non-invasive car bolt on ! We can also supply their Vmax de-restriction, convertible control and electronic chassis lowering for the passenger cars.

Steinbauer - Without Compromise.


Please note that power figures are dependent on the vehicle condition. Only by booking a rolling road will you know the true before and after power.  We can arrange this with a local company before installation and after or simply make sure you return to the same rolling road.

We are happy to refund if any unit is faulty within the manufacturers guarantee. Always ensure you apply tuning to an engine in peak condition - NOT as a way to make a weak engine more powerful...

Unlike some of tuning boxes on the market this does not fool the engine into delivering more power by manipulating key pressure devices. Instead this unit taps into and modifies the actual signal at the injector allowing much more precise control.

The result is increased power and torque, through fuel injection optimisation.

So in short it changes injection duration, just like the factory ECU does to cater for varying load conditions.

Typically 20-30% more power and torque but please check the product listing detail.


Steinbauer Tuning Box with external packaging





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  1. Steinbauer Tuning Box VOLVO V 70 1.6 Drive Stock HP:107 Enhanced HP:129 (220000_2504)
    £782.60 £652.17
    Stock kW:80 Enhanced kW:96
    Stock Torque lb ft:177 Enhanced Torque lb ft:212
    Stock Torque Nm:240 Enhanced Torque Nm:288
    Engine Size:1560cc, TUV Approval:IN PROCESS Learn More
  2. Steinbauer Tuning Box VOLVO V 70 2.0 D Stock HP:134 Enhanced HP:158 (220005_2505)
    £782.60 £652.17
    Stock kW:100 Enhanced kW:118
    Stock Torque lb ft:236 Enhanced Torque lb ft:277
    Stock Torque Nm:320 Enhanced Torque Nm:375
    Engine Size:1997cc, TUV Approval:YES Learn More
  3. Steinbauer Tuning Box VOLVO V 70 2.0 D3 Stock HP:161 Enhanced HP:193 (220351_2511)
    £991.31 £826.09
    Stock kW:120 Enhanced kW:144
    Stock Torque lb ft:295 Enhanced Torque lb ft:354
    Stock Torque Nm:400 Enhanced Torque Nm:480
    Engine Size:1984cc, TUV Approval:NO Learn More
  4. Steinbauer Tuning Box VOLVO V 70 2.4 D Stock HP:123 Enhanced HP:147 (220073_2508)
    £782.60 £652.17
    Stock kW:92 Enhanced kW:110
    Stock Torque lb ft:221 Enhanced Torque lb ft:266
    Stock Torque Nm:300 Enhanced Torque Nm:360
    Engine Size:2401cc, TUV Approval:NO Learn More
  5. Steinbauer Tuning Box VOLVO V 70 2.4 D Stock HP:129 Enhanced HP:160 (220072_2506)
    £782.60 £652.17
    Stock kW:96 Enhanced kW:119
    Stock Torque lb ft:207 Enhanced Torque lb ft:258
    Stock Torque Nm:280 Enhanced Torque Nm:350
    Engine Size:2401cc, TUV Approval:YES Learn More
  6. Steinbauer Tuning Box VOLVO V 70 2.4 D5 Autom. Stock HP:182 Enhanced HP:216 (220130_2510)
    £782.60 £652.17
    Stock kW:136 Enhanced kW:161
    Stock Torque lb ft:295 Enhanced Torque lb ft:339
    Stock Torque Nm:400 Enhanced Torque Nm:460
    Engine Size:2400cc, TUV Approval:YES Learn More
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