Throttle Bodies

Throttle Bodies - New Range now available, improved quality over the leading brand, More HP through better design and matching

New range of Throttle Bodies now available from Van Kronenburg offering:

  • Improved Quality over the leading brand
  • More HP through better design and matching.
  • Custom 3D Printed Manifolds available
  • We'll tackle anything with Induction!

Balance Motorsport - we will help you spec the system to suit your engine, and in addition, we can supply valve train and exhaust components for the complete solution.

It's time to Sort the Snort!

4 Cylinder kits now online, let us help you make more horsepower together with a better quality product.


With the advanced technology at our disposal nowadays carburettors are almost a thing of the past, replaced largely by Throttle Bodies. Fuel injection comes in many shapes and sizes but in every case there is some form of computer deciding how much fuel to inject and when. It is the optimisation of this management combined with improvements in gas flow that to a large extent mean that a set of racing carburettors are no longer the favoured option. The control that Throttle Bodies gives you in conjunction with a good ECU, like the Emerald, enables an engine to run more aggressive cam timing whilst maintaining more driveability.

Question "Can you still supply Jenvey Products?"

YES - special order only.

Question "How much horsepower will I get from fitting KMS-STS throttle bodies vs Jenvey Throttle Bodies?

Just too hard to quantify a stock answer, as there are so many variables. the idea is to increase the torque output per litre which will then lead to increased horsepower across the rev range. By all means, please call to discuss as it is a combination of induction system, camshaft choice, cylinder head design and not least compression ratio that will define the engines peak torque per litre, and indeed arguably even more relevant BMEP ( Break Mean Effective Pressure).



Question "Can you install?"


Yes we are more than happy the offer a turnkey solution, please get in touch and let us know what you're looking for.

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