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Nolathane is an Australian success story. Pioneering the introduction of polyurethane suspension components to the Automotive Aftermarket in Australia, way back in the 80's.   It soon developed a great reputation for the product quality and performance. Poly bushes were originally invented to replace brass bushings in competition use Down Under, particularly Hill Climbs.  The early poly bushes were fairly hard (a bit like some of the other brands on the market today). However through different compounds and "tuned" bushes there were able to offer replacement bushes that were offered as an alternative to OE bush replacement. Through the development of different formulations and design innovation, Nolathane are able to provide solutions to handling and tyre wear problems, as well as straightforward bush replacement.

The market in Australia has often punishing roads and the uprated bushes from Nolathane were offering the average motorist great value. It isn't seen just as a tuning modification there. Roll forward to 2017 and the Nolathane brand is now in the UK. Are we about to see a sea change in the way these bushes are viewed by the Motor trade? If so the Poly bush market in the UK will grow hugely. The real challenge is getting across the point that due to it's time in the market the Nolathane product is not only significantly better than the competition, it is also a LOT less money. Full car kits could cost as  little as a 1/3 of the price of alternatives.

Nolathane is for standard suspension servicing, repair and vehicle enhancement. The range includes synthetic elastomer suspension bushes, alignment correction products, complete suspension arms, and vehicle enhancement kits. Included in the alignment correction range are adjustable strut mounts, panhard rods, shim type camber/caster kits, offset and adjustable bushings.


Nolathane can save you a large amount of money especially if you have multiple bushings to replace. 



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