BMW M2 Competition - fitting BMW M Coilover Kit

BMW M2 Competition - fitting BMW M Coilover Kit

Why, oh why, didn't Helmut speak to Heinz when he designed the strut brace?

So we've had another M2 Competition in for mods. This time we fitted the official BMW M Coilover kit. This is made for BMW by KW. It uses significantly stiffer springs (notably a linear rear spring as well - most kits seem to use a progressive rear).

The kit is nicely made and comes with some instructions. Naturally something has to get lost in translation - this bit made me laugh out loud "As a result of the degressive properties of the compression valve,
a hard setting will not influence the compression properties if you drive over bumps or the lake at high speed."

We advise not trying to drive any car over a lake, unless it's been designed to do so. If you aquaplane on a wet road at speed, you may lose control, and this Coilover kits digressive valve, isn't going to help.

The install shouldn't require the strut brace to be removed, as access to the top mount bolts has been made on the left hand side. Then you come to the right hand side and you realise two of the bolts are obscured. Therefore the strut brace has to come off, which also then means wipers off (we needed to use a puller) to get the scuttle off. All good fun. If only Helmut had discussed this with Heinz they could have made the necessary modification to the strut brace.

The car was corner weighted to 50% and geometry set. The end result is a much stiffer set up with a lot less droop, sharpening the car considerably.