MGF / MG TF Corner Weighting

MGF / MG TF Corner Weighting

Nice little MGF in today for corner weighting. With only 57000 and a rebuilt and tuned VVC this is a nice car that needs the icing on the chassis cake. The driver said it was skittish over bumps. I suspected as well as the cross weights being out, so would the geometry.

The corner weights were a long way off with 65 kg extra weight across the RF/LR.

MGF Corner Weights before

I focussed the adjustments on the low weights across LF and RR, adding preload to these to get to 50% cross weight. The owner said the car had occasionally scraped on the front so by raising preload on the the low pair you don't end up lowering the car anymore. Of course the other way to do it is to reduce preload on the high pair.

After adjustment was made to 50% the car went for 4 wheel alignment.


Just when you think it's all going to plan there is a 2 degree difference in castor between left and right with no provision for adjustment. Furthermore when test driving the right rear damper appears to have no function.

Looks like we'll be seeing this car again...