What would you do with British Steel?

What would you do with British Steel?

13th April 2016

British Steel and Road Tax

What would you do with  British Steel?

Personally I would ensure that a government contract was awarded to a suitable buyer to build a car for the people. Not some utilitarian saloon but a corking sports car that can seat 3. Something made from British Steel with technology and other parts sourced as needed, keep assembly in the UK along with design tech and tooling.

In the wake of the VW cheat device and the realisation that diesel soot is worse than eating bacon and marginally better than malboro. The cost of transportation has essentially risen for all of us. Yet the technology exists for a cheap 100mpg petrol / solar / hybrid car that was made in Britain from British Steel that outperformed the others, and was owned by its group funders.

If only..



Emissions - shouldn't this cost about £100 a year to tax?


Caterham 620R - shouldn't this be a low tax car?=


If you think about the effect of Diesel in enabling bigger heavier cars to get good mpg and performance it is fine for people to buy these. However it has affected sports car practicality. Tax needs to incorporate not just tailpipe CO2 but dust to dust output. Particular focus should be given to weight and travel to market distance (pre sale). I think the formula would probably see a Caterham R500 (in its favour distance to market & weight) being a sub £100 tax vehicle. A Petrol SUV perhaps £500 and perhaps a diesel SUV from Japan or Korea (distance to market, weight, soot) £1000. A Golf £1500 (just kidding!) perhaps around the £200 mark and a C1 £100.

Actual dust to dust emissions would surely be a better way to fairly tax consumption and stop the erosion of good cars at a keen price.