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Our relationship with Abarth started in 1990 behind the wheel of a Strada 105TC. Only the wheel bore the Abarth insignia on that car, but it was enough to want to learn more about this special marque. Abarth has always been synonymous with high performance, light weight vehicles. The current Biposto is a fitting tribute to the history of the marque. However what Abarth needs to regain its glory is a bonkers hot hatch version of the Tipo, with the 1750 Turbo engine ramped up to 300HP, but the car being a bonafide racer. None of this "6 cupholders and a lovely sat nav" nonsense. Next, they need a much faster version of the 4C platform to recreate the winning ways of the Abarth 2000 Prototipo on the Hillclimb circuits of Europe. Only then will the the relaunch of the brand be complete.

For now let us help you make your Abarth, even more Abarth, - by increasing power, losing weight, increasing chassis stiffness and improving handling and grip.

Special one-off projects are more than welcome -let us know what you want to do.

Abarth 500 250 HP Conversion -  TD04 upgrade - this conversion uses the kit from TMC which we now supply together with an Airtec Intercooler upgrade. The turbo is easily capable of 250HP, which should be achievable. On this car it will need a new downpipe and exhaust system as the Cat outlet is 58mm ID and the current downpipe is only 48mm. Series 1-3 cars are more tolerant of these major modifications. Later cars will often need more ECU testing and possibly a custom remaps.

Abarth 500 250HP Big Turbo Conversion

 To this car we also added a DNA Quickshift kit which speeded up gear changes.

Abarth 500 250HP Big Turbo Conversion


In the customers own words "the noise is mental". The performance? We are still waiting for a report back on a dry day...


Abarth 250HP Big Turbo Conversion with FORGE Intake

The total cost of the conversion, including a number of additional upgrades was £3500. For the same cost as a Biposto 124 bonnet, he now has a Golf R your 500 in today for a conversion that will make you grin from ear to ear.

Check out our latest turbo conversion to an Abarth 695 131 Tributo which made 270HP


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    BC RACING BR SERIES COILOVERS - FIAT 500 - Year 07+ Part No ZO-03-BR

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